U20 World Championships

There are several U20 World Championsips going on at the moment. Namely, Division I A and B and Division II A.

Division I A, Herisau (Switzerland)

Estonia can not cope with the rest of the teams in this group and they are certain for relegation. Their current goal difference is -33. Poland is not much better, but nevertheless won their H2H 4:2. Both Switzerland and Belarus are untouchable here.

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Division I B, Aalborg, (Denmark)

Hungary and Ukraine will try to avoid relegation, but things don't look good for Hungarian team. Austria and Denmark are still at 100%, although Denmark did not perform as well as Austria did so far.

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Division II A, Miercurea Ciuc, (Romania)

I expected Japan to be main favourite for promotion (alongside with Lithuania), but they surprisingly lost to South Korea. So, Lithuania is pretty much certain for promotion with Serbia and Romania trying to avoid bottom position and (possible) relegation. The team of Belgium must be mentioned, because they preformed really well so far and had some great moments in this tournament.