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Denmark [AL-Bank Ligaen]

AL-Bank Ligaen

  • This is a highscoring league, 6.46 goals/match in average so far this season, 6.6 goals totally last season. There's also a pretty high difference, compared to many other leagues, between the four best teams and the teams in the middle of the table, then another step down to the teams placed at the two last places. There's often big margin wins in the matchups between strong and weak teams.
  • Some stats about home/away from last season: 49% home wins, 21% draws and 30% away wins. 17.3 % of the matches was settled with overtime, 3.7% was settled with a penalty shootout.
  • It's very important to check team info before placing any bets, all the teams, more or less of course, have relaitvely thin squads, there's also quite a quality difference between the players in the first line and the third line. The key players are really important in Denmark.
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