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U20 World Championships

There are several U20 World Championsips going on at the moment. Namely, Division I A and B and Division II A.

Division I A, Herisau (Switzerland)

Estonia can not cope with the rest of the teams in this group and they are certain for relegation. Their current goal difference is -33. Poland is not much better, but nevertheless won their H2H 4:2. Both Switzerland and Belarus are untouchable here.

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Division I B, Aalborg, (Denmark)

Hungary and Ukraine will try to avoid relegation, but things don't look good for Hungarian team. Austria and Denmark are still at 100%, although Denmark did not perform as well as Austria did so far.

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Division II A, Miercurea Ciuc, (Romania)

I expected Japan to be main favourite for promotion (alongside with Lithuania), but they surprisingly lost to South Korea. So, Lithuania is pretty much certain for promotion with Serbia and Romania trying to avoid bottom position and (possible) relegation. The team of Belgium must be mentioned, because they preformed really well so far and had some great moments in this tournament.

Online sources for Belgian hockey

The links for Belgian ice hockey are really hard to find and that's a shame because their Cup and Championship are great to bet on. I've planned to create  seperate page for Belgian league, but as the links are so scarce, I've decided to write it here:

And that's about it. Cup has some 15-ish matches left, but the Championship starts in 2 weeks (on December 12). Things haven't changed much from last season and Bulldogs are again rock bottom (although they don't get their ass kicked as hard as they were getting last season). HYC is currently firmly seated at the top, but Olympia seems to be on their way up with 5 matches without a loss.

Belgian hockey can be very rewarding when it comes to betting and I strongly suggest that you spend some time studying it.

Finland Suomi-sarja and U20 links

Some bookies started offering market for Suomi-sarja and U20. For anyone interested, here are the links for those leagues: redesigned

It's been a few weeks since BIH got redesigned. They have somewhat functional News and TV sections  and those are great additions. News are not updated daily and TV section has got only one video, but I hope they'll grow with time. still remains one of the rare web sites that gathers results from various British leagues/cups.

I see that they have a lot of things planned for the future and I can only wish them all the luck. Another news source for British hockey is well needed.

Karjala Cup

Karjala Cup will start next week and we have tried to collect as many stats as we could from previous years. Check it out here

Elite League

We'll try to keep some statistics for UK Elite League. This section will be only for league matches and will probably have quite a few errors. Bare with us, it'll get better (hopefully).

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Stats Links

Annabet -  Especially good for Finnish leagues and Elitserien.

SFstats - This site has many leagues covered, including Poland Extraliga. - They cover 1st period lines and game totals nicely and are regularly updated.

Eishockey Datenbank - All major European leagues. Rich in features, but it takes some time to find all the stuff.

Betexplorer - Useful for quick analysis when you need only form table and H2H statistics. - Covers International hockey and some rare to find leagues. Comprehensive H2H stats.

H2Hstats - As the name says it, site covering H2H stats and team comparisons.

Coteur - Rather interesting features and great coverage of various leagues.

SFRp's Archive' - Collection of various results from history of international hockey.